ÄKTA pure

Protein purification your way.

ÄKTA pure chromatography systems are flexible and intuitive and enable fast purification of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids, from microgram to tens of grams of target product.

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ÄKTA pure - Protein purification your way.
Intuitive software


Intuitive software

Intuitive software for planning, control,
and analysis with pre-defined methods
for all GE Healthcare columns.

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Prepacked columns


Vast selection of prepacked columns,
including columns for crude samples.
ÄKTA avant technology


High precision pumps with flow
rates up to 25 or 150 ml/min to enable
scalable purification from
microgram to grams.

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ÄKTA avant technology


Integrated sensors
safeguard chromatography
columns and samples
ÄKTA avant technology


Choice of two fraction
collectors for reliable
collection in a format that
matches your workflow.
ÄKTA avant technology


Broad selection of valves
accommodate your protein
purification application
and automation needs
ÄKTA avant technology


Monitors for all common
proteins, conditions,
and techniques
ÄKTA avant technology


Modular design for easy
customization – start with
today’s need upgrade
at any time
Design your own system
Protein purification for everyone

A flexible protein purification system that grows with your needs

Learn how ÄKTA pure 25 can be tailored to your specific protein purification challenge.

Discover ÄKTA pure 25
Easy method creation and evaluation

Easy method creation and evaluation

Learn how ÄKTA pure can be used with our new UNICORN 7 software for easy to use, flexible, and efficient solutions for your entire process.

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Protein purification for everyone

Affinity chromatography, ion exchange, gel filtration…

Applications are more than techniques – it’s also about automation
and finding optimal conditions. See specific examples of how
ÄKTA pure can be configured for different protein purification tasks

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Protein purification for everyone

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See what’s different between ÄKTA pure, ÄKTApurifier and ÄKTA avant.

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There is an ÄKTA pure for everyone

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