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HyClone™ HyCryo-STEM Cryopreservation media

Maintain differentiation potential and minimize spontaneous differentiation of stem cells with the GE Healthcare HyCryo-STEM Cryopreservation media, a serum-free formulation.

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SR30002 HyCryo-STEM; 100 mL


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Full Specifications
Format Liquid
Item Description HyCryo-STEM 2X Cryopreservation media for stem cells; 0.2 um sterile filtered; storage requirements: < -10° C; shelf life: 48 months
Quantity 100 mL

Product Overview

  • Greater recovery of viable neural progenitor stem cells compared to industry standard cryopreservation media (growth media containing 10% DMSO)
  • Achieves similar recovery of viable human stem cells compared to the industry standard cryopreservation media (a cocktail of 25% serum replacement and 10% DMSO)
  • Provided as a 2X solution; 0.2 μm sterile filtered

For further manufacturing or research use. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.