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HyClone Sera Samples

GE Healthcare Cell Culture provides sera, media, buffers, and process liquids to research, drug discovery, and bioproduction customers. Serum is a supplement used to enhance cell culture performance, and contains several growth promoting factors including hormones, proteins, amino acids, glucose, and vitamins.

Depending on source origin, Hyclone sera are processed in 1000 L, 2000 L, and 3000 L batch sizes. To minimize performance variations within a lot, HyClone serum is bottled using true pool technology, where it is filtered before collection in a pool prior to being bottled. This procedure ensures uniformity within a serum lot from one bottle to the next.

Because serum is a naturally derived supplement, each batch of processed serum will behave differently when introduced in the cell culture process. To determine whether a batch of serum is suited for your specific cell culture needs, please contact cs.hyclone@ge.com.