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Law Enforcement

Address recidivism rates faster

DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System is the result of the requirements specified by a US government multi-agency consortium to make the technology of rapid DNA analysis available to law enforcement, crime labs and the biometrics community.
The ability to perform DNA analysis in a rapid, easy, and accurate manner in the field has the potential to speed up the investigative process, reduce recidivism, and identify or exonerate suspects.


Built for ease of use and ruggedized for the booking station

DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System has been ruggedized to meet US Military 810F standards to protect it from shock and vibration during transport and operation. This allows for the transportation and relocation of the instrument without need for realignment or recalibration. Additional fortification of the internal systems provides shielding from environmental dust and debris.


Police Chart flow chart DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System

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From instrument to database search—bringing it all together

DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System is simple to install, without the need for a service visit, thus eliminating any disruption to the daily activities of your booking station. Police officers can use the complete system competently and effectively with minimal training2. Once the system has processed the DNA samples, the instrument’s automated Expert System software analyzes the data and provides realtime feedback on the usability of their results. Data output can be securely transferred to local databases3 for searching. Ultimately, Federal policies under active consideration may allow searching of the data from the DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System against CODIS databases (LDIS, SDIS, NDIS).


2 Comprehensive training programs can vary from 1 to 4 hours depending on the needs of the booking station.

3 Local DNA database software and hardware not included, available separately


Law Enforcement DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System

Key benefits for law enforcement

  • Rapid analysis—Process up to five DNA samples simultaneously in less than 85 minutes
  • Simplicity—You do not need special laboratory or technical personnel to run the system
  • Convenience—Unlike typical DNA testing reagents, all DNAscan reagents in the single-use DNAscan BioChipSet™ Cassette are room temperature stable, so you do not need refrigerators or freezers
  • Automation—Simply insert the NetBio BioChipSet Swab, input sample information, load BioChipSet all-in-one cassette, and close the lid; the instrument does the rest
  • Contamination control—the NetBio BioChipSet swab locks and seals into a single-use, self-contained cassette to minimize the potential for contamination and sample mix-ups
  • Ruggedized—Built with protection against rough use and/or rough environments
  • Security—On-board security supports your your agency's to maintain data privacy and track the chain of custody
  • Reliability—The synergy between GE Healthcare and NetBio provides global sales, technical support, training, and service support for your DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis