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DNAscan BioChipSet Cassette and DNAscan Sample Collection kits

DNAscan BioChipSet all-inclusive single-use cassette

Each DNAscan BioChipSet Cassette accepts up to five DNA samples on swabs. Each cassette contains all the required reagents, materials, and waste containment for DNA extraction, purification, PCR, and STR analysis. STR reagents used in the cassette are PowerPlex™ 16, from Promega Corp., optimized for use in the DNAscan system1. Each DNAscan BioChipSet Cassette also contains an allelic ladder to serve as a control, and all lanes include an internal lane standard.


For added convenience, DNAscan BioChipSet Cassette is designed for room temperature storage. To reduce storage space, cassettes can be stacked and stored on a shelf or closet without need for refrigerators or freezers.


1 Additional STR assays in development.


DNAscan BioChipSet all-inclusive single-use cassette

DNA Collection kits

Each kit that contains the following items:

  • Includes a NetBio BioChipSet swab with integral RFID (radio frequency identification) tag designed for use with the BioChipSet cassette.
  • Includes an EasiCollect™ device with proven FTA™ sample collection technology. EasiCollect™ DNA device enables storage, protection, and shipment of a backup DNA sample to the forensic laboratory.
  • 6 Peelable barcodes
  • 1 Return mailing envelope – Tyvek™ with tamper-evident seal, 7.5” × 10.5”
  • 1 Instructions for use, containing instructions for a downloadable demographics form (can be downloaded:
  • 1 Peel and stick (secondary) envelope, 3.5” × 6.5”
  • 1 Pair of nitrile gloves (large)

DNA Collection kits



Part Number

DNAscan BioChipSet Cassette with
DNA Collection Kit

5 cassettes and 30 collection kits


DNA Collection Kit

30 collection kits