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Using DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System

You can use DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System to analyze up to five DNA samples simultaneously in less than 85 minutes. DNA fingerprint data is produced in a CODIS-compatible file that can be uploaded and used to search against DNA databases. The workflow is as follows:

1. Collect sample using RFID-enabled swab.

2. Scan swab using integrated FRID reader on front of the instrument under the touchscreen.

3. Enter sample ID number using touchscreen interface.

4. Insert first swap into chamber on the BioChipSet cassette and lock the swab into place by pressing cap into the swab chamber. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for up to four more samplers.

5. Insert cassette into instrument (instrument door will open automatically).

6. Close instrument door (run starts automatically on door closure). The time to results is displayed.

7. In less than 85 minutes your run is complete.