Make your baby proud

With every birth comes the chance to save a life.

Umbilical cord blood is a rich source of stem cells that is simple, safe, and painless to collect for both you and your baby. These stem cells can be used to treat children with metabolic disorders, bone marrow failure, deficiencies of the immune system, and cancers of the blood including leukaemia and lymphoma.

If you store or donate your cord blood then one day it could be used to treat a member of your family or another parent’s child. Sadly, too often this opportunity is lost because the umbilical cord is discarded once your baby is born. Make your baby proud and save cord blood.

Your child’s birth could be life-changing not only for you but for a sick child too.

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Sorrel Mason A cord blood donor from the other side of the planet saved Sorrel's life!

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Where do I store?

These websites give a comprehensive list of cord blood banks so you can find which ones are nearest to you.


NHS Cord Blood Bank
Anthony Nolan

Save the cord foundation
Be the Match Register

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April 26 2013
Department of Health multi-million pound boost for NHS stem cell services.